Sewer and Drain Services

We offer a stress-free solution to our customers

Whether it is your residential home or business, your sewer and drainage system play the most pivotal role. Dirt, grease, hair, food waste, hygiene products, and sludge always have a tendency to create a barrier, ceasing the overall plumbing functionality. Clogged drains, leakage in pipelines, high water pressure, low water pressure, and damaged sewer lines are some of the primary problems that occur frequently due to the above-mentioned reasons and cause a big hassle. At Leo Plumbing you will get the most effective solutions for all such emergencies. Our plumbers are efficient enough to address the rigid clogs and keep the water flowing.


Our sewer and drain services are not just for residential houses, they are extended to schools, hotels, and other business offices as well. We use the most advanced equipment to provide the top-quality services wherever and whenever you need them.

Sewer Pipe diagnosis and Repair

Be it a sewage problem at your home or at your workplace, we will be there with our highly-skilled technicians to locate the trouble, examine the fault, and uproot the cause. Tree roots, objects or broken pipes are some of the common causes for this. Whatever it may be, our staffs will repair it at no time.

Sewer Pipe Replacement

Sometimes instead of repairing, replacing is the better solution for some extensive issue. Call us ASAP and our professionals will replace your pipeline by using the most advanced methods.

Sewer Pipe Installations

If you are building a new home or constructing a commercial building, just give us a call. We will be there with our team to perform the sewer pipe installation process.

Clogged Drain Cleaning

Cleaning of a drainage system is extremely necessary both for your home and business. Hiring our services, your clogged drain will experience the most preventative method of cleaning as we prefer BioBen Septic product to keep the drain clean.

Clogged Drain Repair

Food waste, sludge, soap, dirt, etc are the major reasons for the clogged drains. We are the best in cleaning the blocked drain and letting the water pass smoothly. We are available for 24/7. Anytime, anywhere, just make contact and we will be there for you.
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Why hire our Sewer and Drain Services for an emergency?

Professionally trained technicians

Our technicians are well-qualified and professionally trained based on the latest technology. They are skilled enough to examine every issue and fix it accordingly, without delaying the work.

Cost-effective Approaches

Once the location and cause of the fault are address, our experts provide you with multiple solutions that are extremely cost-effective. We are known for serving the best at an economical rate.

Guaranteed Services

We work round the clock. Problems do not appear ringing the bell but you can give us a call anytime anywhere when you need. We are available for 24/7 and promise to arrive on time and perform our work quickly.

For further details or to hire our services, call us at (650) 868-8059.